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Selling your home is usually about the value of the property or the beauty of the house. But there are other factors too. Of particular importance is the quality of your neighbors; they can have a big impact on buyers’ willingness to buy. If you have loud, dirty, disrespectful, or annoying neighbors who refuse to respect others, that could be a major barrier to selling your home.

This is a tricky situation, and there’s no magic bullet for fixing the issue. However, we do have some suggestions. Be creative!

1. Don’t try to hide the problem.

Disclosure rules vary, but there have been occasions of sellers being sued for failing to warn buyers about problematic neighbors. If potential buyers or their agents ask about the neighborhood, be honest.

2. Have you exhausted every possibility to connect with the neighbor?

If you’ve already failed face-to-face, consider consulting a lawyer. If it’s possible to get authorities involved to improve the neighbor’s behavior, this would provide a resolution and could improve your chances of selling at a good price. 

3. Can you spin it?

There may be buyers who dislike heavy-handed HOAs and prefer neighborhoods that give them more freedom. A neighbor with a trashy lawn would be proof that buyers will also have freedom to present their property however they like.

4. Target like-minded buyers.

If your neighbor is particularly enthusiastic about politics, religion, hobbies, culture, etc., this could be an opportunity to target buyers who share those interests. If they frequently blast loud music, perhaps a fan of music or a musician wouldn’t mind so much. The neighbor you find annoying might become best friends with the right buyer; a win-win situation.

5. Add incentives.

If there’s nothing you can do to connect with your bad neighbor or spin their behavior as a good thing, it may be time to adjust your negotiating stance. Offer more incentives to sweeten the deal, such as covering closing costs. Your real estate agent can help.

6. Consider selling to a property investment company.

Property investment companies are often interested in acquiring land. They pay less than people looking for a residence, but they might pay cash. In some cases, this could be a better deal for you when compared to the costs of keeping your home on the market for months looking for the perfect buyer.

If you have problem neighbors, you’ll need to be creative when selling your home. 


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