Randy Lindsay Named Top Coldwell Banker Agent in Charlotte

Randy Lindsay Named Top Coldwell Banker Agent in Charlotte

One of Randy Lindsay’s main goals has always been to meet the needs of his clients, whether it’s by helping them find their dream home or selling their home quickly and for a good value. It’s the reason customer service is his number one priority. In fact, Randy has built his reputation in the real estate industry for his professionalism, knowledge, integrity and persistence. Randy was recently rewarded for his efforts by being named an International President’s Elite real estate agent by Coldwell Banker, making him the top Coldwell Banker real estate agent in Charlotte.

As proud as Randy is of earning the distinction, he knows the recognition would not be possible without the relationships he’s developed with the many homebuyers and home sellers that he’s worked with over the years. He thanks them all for putting their trust in his abilities as an agent–whether they were buying a home or selling a home–and for referring their families, friends, and associates to Randy for help with their real estate needs. Randy currently has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, and he hopes to continue working with residents of York County and the surrounding areas for many more years.

As one of the most experienced real estate agents in the Charlotte area, Randy is extremely humbled to be named as the top Coldwell Banker real estate agent in the city. He is extremely grateful to the support staff and fellow agents in the Coldwell Banker York County office for helping him reach this level in his business. If you need any advice or information in regards to selling or buying a home in the York County/Charlotte area, be sure to contact us at Randy Lindsay today.



Should I Be Home During Showings?

Should I Be Home During Showings?

One of the most effective strategies when it comes to selling a home in Rock Hill is to hold an open house. An open house provides potential buyers the opportunity to come view your home without the pressure of being given a personal tour. If you do decide to hold an open house, don’t be tempted to stick around. It’s never a good idea for the owner to be at their own open house for the following reasons:

  • selling a home in Rock HIllYou may provide information you shouldn’t – Sellers will often try to convince potential buyers of how amazing the house is by talking way too much—to the point where they may reveal something that could turn the buyer off, whether it has to do with a nosy neighbor or a build-up of traffic on your road at a certain time of the day.
  • You may bother the buyer – One of the benefits of going to an open house for a buyer is the lack of obligation or pressure. Potential buyers want to talk among themselves about what they like and don’t like. If you’re tailing buyers trying to point out everything that’s positive about the house, they are going to feel awkward and pressured and will just want to leave.
  • You could lose a sale – If you hear buyers complain about things they don’t like, such as cosmetic details, it may have an emotional effect on you. If those same buyers make an offer below your asking price, you may think that they just want to use the savings to fix those details, causing you to refuse to negotiate.

Stay away from your own open house to avoid these mistakes and be sure to contact us at Randy Lindsay today for additional information and advice on selling a home in Rock Hill.

3 Tech Tools for Researching a Neighborhood

3 Tech Tools for Researching a Neighborhood

One of the advantages that you have over homebuyers in the past is that there are all kinds of tech tools out there that can make life much easier when it comes to buying a home in Fort Mill. The following are three tech tools that we recommend you check out when researching new neighborhoods:

  • buying a home in Fort MillDwellr – Dwellr is an app that uses data obtained from the Census Bureau to provide over 40 different statistics about the community you are researching. For example, you can find out what the demographics of a neighborhood are, such as how many families and children live in the area.
  • Real Estate by Trulia App – This app provides a wealth of information about real estate for sale in whatever area you are looking at and is an excellent tool for when you are first starting your house hunt. You can use the app to find nearby listings and narrow down your searches by the size of the lot, the square footage and the year it was built. The app even provides a heat map that shows what areas have high crime rates.
  • Homesnap – This free iOS app is very useful when you’re out and about searching for homes. If you find a property for sale that you like, you can use the app to snap a picture and it will find all relevant information about the property for you, including the price as well as the investment and appreciation potential. You can store your favorites, making it easy to keep track of the homes you liked while you were out searching.

For additional advice on buying a home in Fort Mill, be sure to contact us at Randy Lindsay today.

4 Signs of a Well-Kept Home

4 Signs of a Well-Kept Home

When you’re out looking for homes for sale in Fort Mill SC, you should keep an eye out on how well-kept the home is. How well a homeowner has taken care of a property can have a big effect on whether or not you may find yourself facing high repair and maintenance costs in the future. The following are four signs of a well-kept home that you should be sure to look for while you are house hunting:

  1. homes for sale in Fort Mill SCA dry basement—If the home has a basement, inspect it for any damp or musty smells. If you see a dehumidifier, it’s a bad sign. It means that the basement has problems with moisture. However, if you see stacks of old magazines or books sitting on the basement floor, it’s a good sign—it means there were never any water issues in the basement.
  2. Even water pressure—Go into each bathroom and turn on all the faucets, including the sink and tub, and flush the toilet at the same time. If you notice a drop in the water pressure, it means that there may be a serious pressure issue that could be caused by a mineral buildup in older pipes.
  3. A lack of new renovations—Renovations are typically a good thing, but if you notice a house where not much new work has been put in but the house is still in great shape, it means that renovations weren’t necessary.
  4. The owner has an HVAC service log—If the owner can provide you with a service log for their HVAC system, it means that they have regularly maintained it, which reduces the risk that it needs repair or replacement.

Look for these four signs of a well-kept home and contact Randy Lindsay for additional advice concerning homes for sale in Fort Mill SC.

What Do I Have to Disclose to Potential Buyers?

What Do I Have to Disclose to Potential Buyers?

When you are selling a home, you have to be honest about any problems it may have—not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s the law. You can’t just tell somebody that nothing is wrong with your house only for them to find out that the entire roof needs to be replaced a month into owning the property.

selling a homeWhat information are you required to disclose by law?

For the most part, you are only required to disclose any information that you know about. This means that if you had no idea that your roof needed to be replaced, then it was up to the buyer to identify that problem via a home inspection. However, depending on the state, you may be required to to search for certain problems yourself. This means if the buyer finds out about the problem that you were required to find out about but didn’t, you may be required to pay the buyer compensation.

Disclosure of any deaths that occurred on the property in the past depends on the state as well. Some states require you to disclose unnatural deaths that may stigmatize the house due to the psychological damage it inflicted on the property, while peaceful deaths may not have to be disclosed unless asked for.

There is also a federal law known as the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act that requires you to disclose information about all lead-based paint and hazards on your property if your home was built before 1978.

It’s a good idea to have a professional inspection done yourself in order to find out if there’s anything you need to disclose. This will help to build trust with your buyers. For more advice on selling a home, contact Randy Lindsay today.


Randy has enjoyed over 32 wonderful years in the Real Estate industry making dreams come true for homeowners.

Superior customer service is #1 to Randy and he provides this to all of his clients using knowledge, professionalism, integrity and persistence.

Randy is a successful and experienced real estate agent who expertly represents both buyers and sellers. Scores of Charlotte area residents have trusted Randy in the process of listing their homes to sell.

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