Is FSBO a Good Idea?


You’ve decided to sell your house. One of the options you might be considering is FSBO (for sale by owner). FSBO means you’re selling the house without the assistance of a real estate agent. Home sellers choose this option thinking they’ll save a significant amount of money on agent fees. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see this isn’t a good idea.

Here are some of the reasons you should not risk listing your house FSBO:

  • Liability is on you (the seller) – If you don’t advertise the house exactly as-is or disclose all required information, you could be vulnerable to potential lawsuits. An agent knows how to avoid lawsuits from buyers and carries insurance to protect against such suits.
  • Pricing the home accurately is difficult – The value of your home is dictated by the local market. If you overprice your home, it will sit on the market too long, severely diminishing its value. If you underprice, you’ll lose money. A good agent is knowledgeable about the local market and can use comps to price your house properly.
  • There’s a lot of paperwork involved – The amount of paperwork involved with selling a home can be overwhelming. An agent will ensure you have all the right paperwork and that it’s all in order.
  • You’re more likely to make mistakes – Serious mistakes can result in bad deals or lost money. Good agents have experience and can provide guidance to prevent serious errors.

When it comes down to it, FSBO simply isn’t a good idea. You’re much better off working with a local real estate agent. If you need a reputable real estate agent to sell your house, be sure to contact us at Randy Lindsay today.

5 Tips for Millennial Home-Buying

Millennial Home-Buying

Buying a home is a lot different these days than it was a decade or two ago. Millennials currently seeking to buy a home for the first time need to keep a few things in mind before they take the plunge.

The following are five tips to make the home buying process easier for millennials:

  1. Buy during the right time – Research the local real estate market. The best time is a buyer’s market, which means there are a lot of sellers and fewer buyers. As a result, you’ll have more room to negotiate and less competition.
  2. Know the true homeownership costs – Mortgage payments won’t be the only financial burden of homeownership. You’ll also pay:
    • HOA fees
    • Homeowner’s insurance
    • Maintenance
    • Mortgage insurance
    • Property taxes
    • Utility costs

…and more. Keep this in mind as you develop your budget.

  1. Pay off your debts first – Many millennials have large college loan debts. If you have any outstanding debts in your name, try to pay them off before you apply for a home mortgage, or you could find yourself financially strained.
  2. Save up for a down payment – The bigger your down payment is, the less your monthly mortgage payments will be. Your interest rate will be lower as well. By saving money so you can make a larger down payment on a home, you’ll save more money.
  3. Understand the closing costs – There are more money responsibilities after the down payment. You’ll be expected to pay for a variety of closing costs, including loan-related and property-related fees. Typically, closing costs account for 2-5 percent of the total cost and must be paid at the time of closing.

These are five tips of which all millennials should be aware when buying a home. For additional first-time home-buying advice, contact us at Randy Lindsay today.

How to Make the Home Selling Process Faster

home selling

Selling a house can not only be stressful; it can also be expensive. The longer your property remains on the market and unsold, the more it tends to cost you. This is especially true if you’ve already moved into a new home and are making mortgage payments on the house you’re trying to sell. With that in mind, you’ll want to sell your house as quickly as possible.

The following are 3 home selling tips to help you do just that:

  1. Know when to sell – The best time to sell a house is typically in the spring and summer seasons. Many buyers are too busy with the holidays during the winter and simply don’t want to trudge around in bad weather looking at homes.
  2. Price your home to sell – Overpricing your home is going to make it more difficult to sell. You need to understand your local real estate market so you can price your house correctly. If you need to sell fast, consider pricing it under the home’s market value. Buyers will jump on a good deal.
  3. Use a local real estate agent – Even though a local real estate agent will take a percentage of what you make on the home sale, it’s well worth the investment. This is because a real estate agent can price the house correctly, help prepare the house for sale, and utilize networks of agents and buyers to find motivated buyers in a hurry. 

Use these home selling tips to sell your house quickly. To speak with real estate agents about what they can do to help you sell your home as fast as possible, be sure to contact us at Randy Lindsay today.

5 Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

real estate agent

If you’re looking to buy a new home, it’s a good idea to work with a real estate agent. A knowledgeable agent can provide you with a wealth of information and advice about buying a home. They will also have a large network of resources to help you find the perfect property.

These are 5 questions you should ask your agent when buying a home:

1. Is the house properly valued?

An agent can find out how much similar homes have sold for in the same area to determine if the price is fair or not.

2. How long has the house been on the market?

If the house has been on the market for a long time, it lets you know that there’s not a lot of demand for it (or that the house is overpriced). This puts you in a better position to negotiate.

3. What are the associated costs of ownership?

You’ll want to know about HOA fees, utility costs, and property taxes before deciding to make an offer.

4. What is the neighborhood’s marketability?

Your agent can tell you if the area is in high demand. Future events (such as the construction of a nearby highway) could affect this demand, and real estate agents have access to that type of information.

5. Why is the owner selling?

An agent can learn the real reason the owner is selling. If the owner is in a hurry to sell, it can give you some negotiating power when it comes to making an offer.

These are a few questions you should ask an agent about buying a home. To speak with a professional real estate agent about your home-buying needs, be sure to contact us at Randy Lindsay today.

How Much Should You Upgrade Before Selling Your Home?

selling your home

Before selling a home, it’s a good idea to invest in a few upgrades. Doing so can help improve the value of your property. As a result, you’ll not only be able to ask a higher price, but buyers will be more attracted to your home as a result of the improvements you made.

However, be careful about what you decide to upgrade when it comes to selling a home.

What Upgrades Should You Avoid?

Upgrades tend to add more value to your home and attract buyers’ interest when they add functionality. Investing in luxurious, superficial upgrades may be a bad use of your money.

For example, you don’t want to install a crystal chandelier in the dining room or a pool in your backyard. If anything, buyers will see these upgrades as unnecessary costs, and upgrades like a pool can result in higher insurance premiums.

What Upgrades Are Worth the Money?

Just because you put a $1,000 into upgrading something doesn’t mean your home will be worth $1,000 more. With that in mind, focus on areas where upgrades will result in a high ROI (return on investment). Upgrading kitchen cabinets, kitchen flooring, kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks, bathroom tiles, and more, can improve your home value significantly. Small upgrades, such as upgrading faucets, lighting, and hardware (such as cabinet and door handles and knobs) add value too.

Knowing what to upgrade and what to leave alone is key to obtaining the highest possible ROI. To receive more specific guidance regarding upgrades to your home that will help it sell, contact us at Randy Lindsay today.


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