3 Tips For Selling Your Home In Summer

selling a home in summerIf you’re thinking about selling your home, then doing so in the summer can be a good idea. The summer is the peak selling season, after all. However, even though there are many buyers who are house hunting throughout summer, there are also many sellers, which means that there’s stiff competition. The following are three tips for selling a home in Tega Cay, SC that you should consider using:

  1. Focus on your curb appeal – Buyers aren’t going to have time to make an appointment to walk through every house they see, especially during the peak selling season. Because of this, your property better look good on the outside in order to convince buyers to come inside. Mow your lawn, trim your bushes, clear your yard from junk and repaint the exterior if needed to help boost your curb appeal.
  2. Make all necessary repairs – Buyers are going to be much pickier during the summers when they have the opportunity to compare many different homes for sale. Any flaw in your home is going to immediately be picked up on, so make sure that you make all necessary repairs, whether you need to repair your HVAC system, fix broken tiles or even tighten your door handles.
  3. Keep the home comfortable – Buyers are going to be potentially sweaty and hot when they come in from the summer sun, so make sure that the house is comfortable. Cranking up the A/C and turning on the ceiling fans will help make the house cool, which will help leave a positive impression on buyers.

These are a few tips that you should keep in mind if you’re planning on selling a home in Tega Bay, SC during the peak summer season.

3 Simple Projects That Can Increase The Selling Price Of Your Home

house paintingIf you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, one of the things that you might want to do is to invest in a few home remodeling projects. Certain home remodeling projects can not only make your property more attractive to potential homebuyers, but can also raise the value of your home. The following are three simple projects that will help raise the selling price of your house:

  1. Repaint your house – Adding a new coat of paint to both your home’s interior and exterior can make the house look brand new. A new paint job is especially effective if the old paint is beginning to show wear and tear. Most experts recommend using neutral colors so that you don’t scare any buyers away with your unique color choices.
  2. Reface your kitchen cabinets – The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the house. It’s the room that buyers will often consider first. Give your kitchen a facelift by refacing your kitchen cabinets. This can give them a brand new look without having to replace them completely, which can be a costly task.
  3. Upgrade your windows – Consider replacing your older windows with new Energy Star-rated windows that are more energy efficient. Not only can new windows improve the overall look of your property, thereby greatly increasing your curb appeal, but they can reduce the energy use of the house by as much as 15 percent, which is very attractive to buyers. This may cost you a bit to do, but the investment is generally well worth it.

These are just three of the home remodeling projects that you could invest in to help boost your home’s value. For more home selling advice, be sure to contact us at Randy Lindsay today.

Staging A Home For Quick Sale in Spring

spring home stagingWhen it comes to selling your home, not everybody has the time to carefully plan their home selling strategy to draw the interest of multiple buyers. In certain situations, you may need to sell your house as quickly as you can. One way to do this is by making sure that you’re working with a real estate agent in Fort Mill, SC, who can help connect you with various buyers and provide you with professional guidance. Another is to use the following tips to stage your home effectively this spring:

  • Clean the home – Give your home a good spring cleaning to make sure it’s dust and dirt free. Remove the clutter and organize your closets, cabinets and bookshelves in order to leave a strong impression.
  • Use bright colors – Introduce bright and cheery colors into your home decor, such as tablecloths and throw pillows that give off a spring vibe. Colors such as yellow, pale blue, light green and lavender are particularly effective.
  • Let the sun come in – Make sure all the window blinds are raised and the curtains pulled open to let in as much natural light as possible.
  • Introduce spring scents – Create a cozy atmosphere by introducing certain aromas. You can do this by adding fresh flowers to your decor or even baking cookies before buyers arrive to view your home.
  • Prepare the entrance – Add a welcome mat and an umbrella stand in case it rains. Buyers will appreciate the thought and will be ready to view your home in a better mood because of it.

Use these tips to stage your home this spring to improve your chances of selling your home quickly. For professional home selling advice, contact us at Randy Lindsay to speak to a real estate agent in Fort Mill, SC today.

What To Fix Before Selling A Home

repair roofIf you are planning on selling a home, there are a few things that you’ll want to do before listing it on the market. One of these things is to fix things that may be costly or that could impact potential buyers’ first impressions, such as the following:

  • Light Fixtures – Make sure all of the lights in the house work properly. Replace light bulbs when necessary and have the light switches repaired if they still don’t work.
  • Paint – Fading or chipping paint isn’t going to look good, whether it’s on the exterior of the house or the interior. Repaint your walls wherever needed – doing so will also spruce up the home’s aesthetic value, which can help attract more buyers.
  • Roof – Repairing or replacing the roof can be incredibly expensive – however, it will be necessary if it’s required. No buyer is going to purchase your home if the roof needs to be replaced – it’s too big and too costly of a task to be worth it.
  • Plumbing System – If the faucets, toilets or showerheads in your home don’t work properly, buyers are going to assume that there are probably other hidden problems with the home as well. Fix any leaks and have your plumbing system repaired or replaced if necessary.
  • The HVAC system – If the heating or cooling units don’t work properly, not only can it leave the home unsafe and uncomfortable, it can cost the new owner thousands in energy costs, repairs and replacements. Have your HVAC units repaired or replaced if needed.

It can be difficult to find a buyer who is willing to purchase a house that requires costly repairs. Not to mention that the need for certain repairs can leave a poor impression on buyers – even if the repairs won’t cost that much to perform. For additional advice on selling a home, contact us at Randy Lindsay today.

3 Home Renovations That Actually Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

home renovationsIf you’re planning to sell a home in the prestigious Tega Cay or Fort Mill area, knowing which home remodeling projects will give your property value the biggest boost will help you make smart investments before the sale.

Steel front door – The front door is one of the first things your visitors see as they enter the house, so it affects their perception of the whole place. As home improvement projects go, a well-built steel front door is a low risk investment with a high potential for rewards. A door like this increases your home security while adding a look of dependability and luxury. It also improves the building’s energy efficiency and reduces noise.

Kitchen remodel – Freshening up the kitchen is one of those home remodeling projects that almost always pays off. Because we spend so much time in this room, any potential buyer considering your home will want to be sure the kitchen fits their lifestyle and supports the standard of living they want for their family.

Some of the kitchen improvements that can increase your home’s value include upgrading to a new, energy-efficient oven and range, installing a new sink and faucet, installing raised-panel wood cabinet doors and drawers, and putting in new laminate counters and flooring. There’s no need to go overboard, though. High-end granite counter tops and other pricey upgrades are unlikely to pay off.

Attic finishing – A finished attic adds valuable living space to a home and can be turned into a spare bedroom, office, library or playroom for the kids. Finishing your attic can also improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency by reducing moisture and air leakage from the attic.

For more tips on choosing profitable home remodeling projects, contact us at Randy Lindsay today.


Selling A Home: Common Problems

home sellerIf you’re planning on selling a home, then it’s a good idea to work with a professional real estate agent. Selling a home isn’t easy. There are many challenges that homeowners may not be able to overcome without the guidance of a seasoned professional. Not to mention that an agent will be able to help you avoid some of these challenges as well. The following are some of the more common problems that you might encounter when trying to sell a home:

  • Becoming too emotionally invested – Some homeowners will be unwilling to negotiate their price because of how emotionally attached to the home they are. This can become problematic, especially if the house is overpriced. A real estate agent helps provide an objective view.
  • Pricing your home wrong – Determining the right price for your home can be very difficult. A lot of homeowners don’t understand that the value of your property is dictated by the local real estate market. You can’t just add the money you’ve invested into the house and add it to the original price in order to arrive at the value. Pricing your home too high will result in no buyers, while pricing it too low will lose you money. A real estate agent will help you price it properly.
  • Staging a home poorly – Properly staging a home takes experience. If you don’t stage your home effectively, you’ll turn off potential buyers.
  • Closing a deal – Negotiating prices, looking into a buyer’s history and going through all the necessary paperwork can be an enormous headache for buyers who aren’t using the experience and expertise of a real estate agent.

These are some of the common problems you may encounter when selling a home. For professional real estate advice, be sure to contact us at Randy Lindsay today.


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